What are we going to do today, Brain?

I just finished Chris Guillebeau’s manifesto, a brief guide to world domination, which is a perfect way to start the year.

Finally, someone who makes goal setting cool! For four years, I have been a closeted goal setter. In secret I have scribbled the goals, projected outcomes, & objective of my personal action plan. I kept my ambition incognito, feeling twinges of embarrassment every time I set my plan to paper, for fear I’d be discovered. I had to wade through hundreds and hundreds of pages & pages—professional development curriculum(s), business journals and psych studies—choke full of jargon and corporate-ese.

I can honestly say that the only thing that has kept me going through that awkwardness is the fact that goals work! I just wish this had been written years ago.

Check it out here:

3 Additional notes:

1) Twenty-ten marks year two of my Five-Year Plan.
2) After five years, I finally managed to persuade my girlfriend to set goals for herself. (I wasn’t joking bout the “closeted” stuff, but the results speak for themselves).
3) Best thing I ever heard about goal planning (but can’t remember the source) was this:

“A year, five years, ten years are going to pass with or without your input, you might has well have a say in what happens.”


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