A New Year: Change is Now!

Twenty-ten is here.

A New Year, A New Decade.

Seth Godin has dubbed it the year of change (or frustration)— depending on how full your glass, I suppose. This hadn’t been the entry I’d intended on writing, but it is something of a synchronicity. After reading the following from Making It All Work by David Allen:

Change always produces some form of stress, for our entire world is designed to maintain stasis. When something new happens that must be integrated into the existing system and set of data, something else has to give way to make room for it. It’s ironic that even the most positive changes often create significant pressures and pains. They require the recalibration of relationships and self-images, and force the upheaval of familiar structures and patterns.

While change is constant, Allen points out, constant change has accelerated. He goes on to state that communication, technology, and information has sped up with greater frequency. In response, we are tasked with figuring how to manage and respond to this change. Godin aptly puts it:

I think the coolest thing is that just about everyone gets to pick which one of these two alternatives they want to spend their time on. And being frustrated about change doesn’t count as doing both.


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